Elizabeth Debicki: ‘The Crown is clearly fictional’ – Leisure Information

Elizabeth Debicki: ‘The Crown is clearly fictional’ – Leisure Information


Elizabeth Debicki, the Australian actress, has recently made headlines for her role in the highly-acclaimed Netflix series, “The Crown”. In a recent interview with Leisure Information, Debicki discusses her experience portraying Princess Diana and shares her thoughts on the show’s fictional elements.

The Crown is clearly fictional

Debicki was quick to acknowledge that “The Crown” is not a documentary and that it takes creative liberties with historical events and characters. She notes that the show is not meant to be a completely accurate representation of the royal family or their lives, but rather a dramatization of events. In her words, “It’s clearly a work of fiction, and it’s a story, and it’s an interpretation.”

The challenge of portraying Princess Diana

Debicki also spoke about the challenge of playing such an iconic figure as Princess Diana. She noted that the public’s perception of Diana is so strong that it can be difficult to portray her in a way that feels authentic. However, she approached the role with empathy and tried to understand the woman behind the public persona. She also noted that she felt a great sense of responsibility to do justice to Diana’s legacy and portray her in a respectful way.

The importance of representation

Debicki also discussed the importance of representation in media and how she hopes her portrayal of Princess Diana can inspire others. She notes that playing such a beloved and influential figure comes with a certain level of pressure, but that she hopes her performance can help to shine a light on issues that were important to Diana, such as mental health and social justice.


Elizabeth Debicki’s portrayal of Princess Diana has been praised by audiences and critics alike, and her recent interview with Leisure Information offers a glimpse into her process as an actress. While acknowledging the fictional elements of “The Crown”, she also emphasizes the importance of representation in media and the responsibility that comes with portraying such an iconic figure.

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